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Rune Oracle (GB Edition)

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Rune Oracle (GB Edition)
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runes, Symbol, Magic, Odin, Wisdom, card readings, Mythology, Characters, Myths
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Runes were used not only as characters, but also as oracles and are carriers of an ancient magical tradition. In 24 characters they represent basic themes of human life. Each of these fascinating cards represents one of the 24 runes. The mysterious, artistically unique images symbolically represent the meanings of the runes and allow us deep access to their history, mythology and wisdom. We can draw the cards intuitively and be inspired or get answers to questions in different, creative layings. The extensive book gives exciting historical information, summarizes important myths and explains in detail the meanings of the individual cards.
208 Seiten Englisch / Erscheinungsdatum: 20.01.2022

Rune Oracle (GB Edition)

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